Solar Economics

What You Need To Know

At Kurios Energy we strongly believe that the only good business deal is one that benefits all parties! Our goal is not to sell you a solar system device to help you reduce your electric bill but, to provide you with accurate meaningful data that allows you to make an informed financial decision that is right for you. Our comprehensive solar energy analytics clearly detail in easy to understand terms, what your financial investment SHOULD BE based on YOUR energy needs, as well as your return on investment (ROI) both now and over the life of the system. The examples represent just a few items of information we provide you once our analysis is complete.

Cumulative Cashflow Shows Your Yearly Savings!!!

The graph below gives an at a glance view of when you will begin to see positive cashflow and estimates cumulitive cashflow based on your unique circumstances.Reduce Energy Costs

The Cost of Doing Nothing:

Your Hedge Against Utility Inflation:Your investment in this project will protect you from utility rate and electric bill inflation. The graph below represents the cost of utility bills over time. The red area represents the utility bills you can expect if you do nothing. The green area represents the bills you can expect if you invest in clean solar power energy energy.

Reduce Energy Usage

Solar Electric Panel (PV) System Summary

This graph will show you estimated production by month based on your location, roof direction and tilt, and system size.

Reduce Energy Bills

These examples are just a small part of the information we provide you in order make your decison. Call us today to get your comprehensive report on how you can save with Kurios Energy!

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